Kings for the Kids will once again be exhibiting at 2017 Sportsmen's Show!! At the show, we will be accepting registrations four our spring fishing tournament, selling raffle tickets to our popular Togiak River Lodge raffle, and educating attendees about our mission. As always, all proceeds benefit Kings for the Kids ministries.

Please spread the word and visit us at the show!

For more information about the Sportsmen's Show, please visit the Sportsmen's Show Website.

For more information about Kings for the Kinds, please browse our website.

If you're interested in volunteering to man the booth at the show, please contact our volunteer coordinator at volunteer at

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Current Incidents of Abuse or Neglect

  • 184 - Mental Injury
  • 906 - Sexual Abuse
  • 977 - Physical Abuse
  • 4,929 - Neglect
  • 7,288 - Threat of Harm

The average number of days a child spends in foster care is 457.

  • Clackamas County has 387 children in foster care.
  • Washington County has 754 children in foster care.
  • Multnomah County has 2,037 children in foster care.
  • This adds up to 3,178 children in the tri-county area.
  • The Tri-County area accounts for 35% of the total number of children in the Oregon foster care system.

Where children go after foster care

  • .8% - Living with Relative
  • 5.1% - Guardianship
  • 5.8% - Emancipation
  • 17.9% - Adoption
  • 64.1% - Reunification
  • 6.3% - Other